Opinion: Liberals are Intolerant of their Counter Parts

During the entire 2016 Presidential Election with Trump as the Republican nominee, and after he was elected President of the United States, liberals began using methods of protesting against him and his supporters such as the violation of free speech, shutting down another’s opinion, assaulting those who disagreed with them, disrupting political events, and the destruction of property. Surprisingly, many “liberals” claim that they are “open-minded” and “tolerant” of others’ beliefs.

According to a Pew Research Poll taken on November 1, 2016, sixty-six percent of college students that were against Trump say they have a hard time respecting both Trump supporters, and their opinions. Whereas, fifty-five percent of college students who supported Donald Trump, claimed they had no issues respecting the opinions of their political counterparts.

For another example of their so called “open mindedness”, the Public Policy Research Institute took a poll on December 12, 2016. The poll stated that twenty eight percent of liberals stated that they removed or unfriended someone from his or her social media inner circle. Additionally, twenty four percent of Democrats said they spaced him or herself from people all due to what they posted on social media.

One of the most recent examples of the delusional left displaying their tolerance was in Portland, Oregon when about six hundred protesters were at Portland International  Airport showing their opposition for the travel ban. Thirty-nine year old Grant Chisholm was with fellow Trump counter protesters when he was hit three times with a metal object leaving him unconscious and being kicked on the head while he was spewing. Meanwhile, a man was knocked to the ground and people were beginning to swarm him shouting, “Peaceful Protest!”.

Reaching national headlines and sparking public controversy, about fifteen hundred “protesters” shut down the appearance of Conservative activist and Trump supporter Milo Yiannopoulos on the liberal arts campus of the University of California at Berkeley . The incident costed approximately one-hundred thousand dollars worth in damages leaving six people injured; including two Berkeley College Republicans. The barbaric protest caused President Donald J. Trump to question on whether or not we, the tax payers, should fund public universities that violate the First Amendment Rights of individuals. The liberal leaning CNN falsely accused Milo of stating that, “hate speech is cool”.

Based upon the stated examples of shutting down conservative speakers on campus, to the disliking of those who disagree, to the assaults of the counterparts of liberals, and many other examples not stated and more to most likely appear in the future; liberals are definitely not tolerant of others that have differences in politics and beliefs.


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