Why Alexander Acosta may be the most Qualified (and Non-Controversial) Pick in the Trump Administration

Today, Trump made an announcement for his new pick for Secretary of Labor, the current dean of the Florida International University College of Law, Rene Alexander Acosta. Since Trump’s previous choice, Andrew Puzder, ended in catastrophe, with revelations coming out about his ties and communication with Russian agents, The next Sec. of Labor needed to have little to no controversy and, with all honesty, Trump may have made his best choice yet.

Acosta’s qualifications start with his family: being the only children of Cuban immigrants from Miami, Florida, Acosta brings diversity to the overtly WASP-like secretary picks. In addition, his ethnicity draws in the sole Hispanic group to support Trump: The Cuban-American populace.

Acosta holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and a Law Degree from Harvard University and its law school. Additionally, he was a law clerk for to Samuel Alito before he sat on the bench of the Supreme Court.

Past his education, his previous jobs gives him the most important qualification: experience in the field. After graduation, he served in DC, working at the law firm Kirkland & Ellis, specializing in employment and labor issues; while in the area, he also taught at George Mason University, focusing on employment law, civil rights law, and disability-discrimination law.

His experience doesn’t stop there, however.

Acosta then received a nomination to the National Labor Relations Board, appointed by George W. Bush, where he delivered 125 opinions within the 6 month span he worked there. Following his stint there, Acosta then was immediately nominated to serve as Assistant Attorney General of the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice (long title, yes), and remained in that capacity until 2008, when he resigned and move onto his current position as Dean of Florida International University College of Law.

Asides from his major accomplishments in life, one of the most major draws to him as a candidate is his 2011 speech in front of Congress noting the importance of protecting the rights of Muslim Americans.

This moderation and diversity within the Trump Administration will, hopefully, reign back the fear resonating in the country in regards to possible infringements on civil rights.


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