Michael Novak and Norma McCorvey: Two Pro-life Catholic heroes

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This week we lost two heroes of the pro-life movement: Michael Novak and Norma McCorvey.

Michael Novak was born on September 9,1933 in Johnstown, Pennsylvania to a devout Slovak Catholic family. He first started his career on the left by being a reporter for the left leaning National Catholic Reporter. He would later become more conservative overtime. He served on the boards of both the Catholic League and the American Enterprise Institute. In 1982, he wrote his best known book, The Spirit of Democratic Capitalism. Even though he was a registered Democrat, he supported many Republican candidates. He was a devout Catholic and strongly pro-life. He was a frequent contributor to First Things and National Review. He was also a frequent guest on EWTN, the Catholic channel. He died on February 17 from colon cancer. R.I.P.

Norma McCorvey was born on September 22,1947 in Simmesport, Louisiana. She was born into an Evangelical Christian family. However, it was sadly a broken household. He father deserted the family when she was just 13 and her mother was a violent alcoholic. In 1963, she was just 17, when she married Woody McCorvey. The marriage ended in divorce in 1965 due to abuse. In 1969, she would become famous in one of the most infamous U.S. Supreme Court case, Roe vs. Wade. She later said that two ambitious lawyers used her as a pawn to overturn the anti-abortion laws in Texas and eventually throughout the entire U.S. In 1994, she became a Christian and voiced remorse for her role in the Supreme Court case. She befriended pro-life activist and founder of Operation Rescue, Flip Benham. She was baptized by Flip Benham on August 8,1995. In 1998, she wrote a second book, Won by Love, which detailed her conversion from pro-abortion to pro-life. On August 17,1998, she became a Roman Catholic under the guidance of Father Frank Pavone, the International Director of Priests for Life and Father Edward Robinson in Dallas. She was active in the pro-life movement for the rest of her life. She participated in the protest against the University of Notre Dame for their controversial invite to President Barack Obama for his pro-abortion views. She passed away on February 18. R.I.P.

Michael Novak and Norma McCorvey were heroes to the pro-life cause.


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