The Case For Michael Flynn


Image Credit: NBC News


On February 13th, 2017, former Lieutenant General Michael Flynn resigned from the Trump Administration as the President’s National Security Adviser. But many questions at the same time are popping up though. Who leaked the incident? Why? Was it legal?  There are indeed rumors that the Obama Regime is behind this resignation.


As reported, former officials of the Obama Administration had planned a secret attempt for months to keep the Iran Nuclear as is to ever prevent the Trump Administration from overturning it. The plan was aimed mainly at General Flynn, who was a critic of the deal, to damage his trustworthiness and the White House would not tolerate his act of having contacts with Russia and misinformed them as well. However, Michael Flynn took accountability of his actions and resigned.


Ben Rhodes; whom was a National Security Adviser under Barack Obama, also helped craft it by establishing a group of Obama followers to feed information to several media outlets to oust Flynn. Evidently, Pro-Iranian lobbyists visited the White House several times before Trump took office to create an echo chamber and to sell the deal to both the U.S. House and Senate; along with the public. Surprisingly, the Obama White House was in a similiar situation in 2012 as well and many outlets didn’t bother to report it and become concerned with it as they were with the recent controversy.


The intelligence leak that was slipped to the public was SIGINT (Signals Intelligence) that came  from someone within our government is actually illegal18 U.S. Code 798  prohibits anyone from publishing or leaking classified intelligence is a felony. President Trump also said  that the leaks were certainly illegal and the FBI and NSA were behind it; along with partisan Democrats. A former NSA official even claims that the NSA is behind the leaks as well. However, an intelligence official stated that there was no misconduct or wrongdoing in the transcripts of the conversations between Russian officials and Flynn.


As Conservative columnist Ben Shapiro proves that this is indeed a constitutional crisis brewing within groups of intelligence. The rumors are being used by those within the government to attempt to undermine the Trump Administration.  Even Democrat and former CIA agent Bryan Dean Wright agrees that those behind the leaks and shadow war is out of control. This may also lead to future repercussions as well.  Many websites on the internet are also circulating more rumors that Deputy Chief of Staff Katie Walsh, supposedly a former member of the #NeverTrump movement,  was behind the leaks.




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