President Trump’s Secret Power Play

The media, in their vehement attacks on President Trump, have mischaracterized him as a buffoon and a foreign policy illiterate. They have called him out for his tweets on the Chinese interception of American drone in international waters, his call to Taiwan, and his friendliness to Russia. 
Trump advertises himself as a dealmaker. A man who knows how to get the most out of a contractual partnership. My question to the media is why are we looking at his foreign policy actions in a traditional sense? The man won the election on the promise of renegotiating trade deals in order to have fair trade with countries that steal our labor and manipulate their currency. Lets look at his foreign policy through the lens of a businessman. The shining example espoused in most of Trump’s speeches is China. Ask yourself, what do you do when you come to the negotiating table when another country has the dream trade deal and you’re getting the hatchet? 

You start by making sure you assert your dominance over the men on the other side of the table and do your best to pressure them into making a deal that may hurt them while greatly benefitting you. In the case of China, you would speak with their opponents/competitors. Trump called Taiwan, he met with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, and he is trying to create good relations with Russia. Then he would humiliate them by calling them out for acting out of turn publicly to let them know he’s not like the previous administration and won’t tolerate their mischievous actions. Why all this? It’s his power play. He wants to ensure that when he comes to the negotiating table with the Chinese they are literally shaking in their boots. Every move Trump has made in Asia has been a hit against China. Remember, most countries refuse to trade with China. We are their main consumer base. Without our consumers, they are in for major economic hardship.

 We currently have a 347 billion dollar trade deficit with China. Them losing that would mean a huge hit to their 9 trillion dollar total GDP. We are the consumers, we make them money and employ their workers. 

Trump knows this, and in order to bring the labor back here (as he promised) he will need to deal with a passive and fearful China . Many of his falsely percieved foreign policy blunders by the media simply come from a misunderstanding of style. Trump is not a politician, he is a businessman, and He is about to pull the greatest power play on China to keep his campaign promise of creating a fair trade deal in order to make us more money, and get Americans back to work, “big league.”

Joseph T Enders II

Joe Enders is a true story of American success. Now only a college student, he has overcome homelessness, abuse, and poverty. He was an activist for Turning Point U.S.A. and a campus coordinator for his school. He graduated with an associates degree in arts with honors from the college of DuPage and is currently working towards his bachelors in Politics, Economics, and Philosophy at The King’s College. A school at which a majority of his tuition was paid for in scholarships and grants, and will soon be graduated in May of 2018. Well versed in Trump Era politics, he successfully predicted the election of Donald Trump and even predicted him losing the popular vote. Joe believes his brand of right wing politics is the future for America and the conservative movement. Joe has been rapidly gaining popularity in the young Conservative movement. A frequent invitee of Conservative activist conferences, he has met and engaged with some of the most important figures in politics. He is even mentioned in the book by Turning Point USA founder, Charlie Kirk.

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