Blood Stained Hands for the Judicial System

The Misleading Media

These past few days, the Media, as well as the Left, have tried to keep this nation in an uproar over immigration to the U.S. However, there is some dishonesty, within both of these groups, in the ways they are presenting their arguments.  First, they want us to believe it is about immigration, when in fact, it is only about illegal immigration.  Second, they want you to believe this is a ban on Muslims, which is absurd; as just because the seven countries targeted for the ban happen to have a known element of terrorism, and an improper way of vetting their own citizens, does not mean it is a ban on Muslims; as these seven countries only make up about ten to fifteen percent of the world’s Muslim population.  Also, nowhere in the original “Executive Order”, was the Muslim religion mentioned as being banned.  However, this is an argument for a later day.  The real reason that I write this article is the effect this type of “trust all people” mentality is having in our Judicial System, today.

Evil exists in this country

I, being a Christian, certainly want to believe there is good in everyone. However, the reality is we live in a world of evil people, and these evil people mean us nothing but harm.  Luckily, we catch many of these people, and put them in prison, only to find out they were let out, after brief stays, for absolutely heinous crimes, like rape.  The problem is we usually find this last point out, because they have re-offended, and usually for even more horrific crimes, like murder.

Reagan’s Life Mattered

This leads me to speak about one such incident that happened recently. It is the story involving a young woman in Ohio, named Reagan Tokes.  You see, Reagan was an accomplished Senior at Ohio State University, and was set to graduate in a few months.  She was a person that wanted to help others and make a difference in people’s lives, as evidenced by her choice of Major; Psychology.  On the evening of February 08, 2017, Reagan had gotten off of work, and never made it back home.  Reagan’s nude dead body turned up a day later; beaten, raped, and shot twice in the head.

The Judicial System Failed Reagan

Now, I know that crime happens every day in this country, and there are countless victims and stories like this one. However, what really bothers me about this one, in particular, is that the person that committed this horrible atrocity, Brian Lee Golsby, was let out after only serving six years for, you guessed it, rape and kidnapping.  How is this even possible?  In what world can you release someone for such crimes, after such a short period, and think that they deserve to be let out amongst us again, to prey upon new victims?  It is this “give everyone a second chance” mentality that is so flawed.  I am sorry, but when you commit such heinous crimes, I am not sure you ever deserve a second chance.  You know why I feel that way?  Because these people made their choice, and if I am going to have an error in judgement, it will be on the side of making sure people like Reagan Tokes get a first chance.  My view is that I would rather error on the side of these “animals” rotting in prison for the rest of their lives, from their own actions, than to error on the side that they will re-offend and kill an innocent person like Reagan Tokes.  So, yes, Brian Lee Golsby ultimately killed Reagan Tokes, but make no mistake about it; the Judicial System failed Reagan Tokes, and deserves as much blame as Brian Lee Golsby, for her death.

Take action for Reagan

So, upon further reflection, I, as a father, cannot even comprehend the pain her family must feel, and will continue to feel, for the rest of their lives, but besides praying for God to comfort them, each and every day, I want to do my part to change the Judicial System in this country. I want the Judicial System to quit having bleeding hearts for violent repeat offenders like Brian Lee Golsby, and start having a bleeding heart for victims like Reagan Tokes; and to make sure that her death is not in vain, and that maybe the next person’s life saved, might be their own!


Image Credit to Cliff Pinckard, Cleveland.Com and Legacy.Com


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