Is “Political Correctness” Kryptonite to “Common Sense”?

No “Political Correctness”?


Now, before you go judging me about my lack of “Political Correctness”, let me preface this article with one sentence.  Reciting from the Great Book of the Bible, Matthew 7:12, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”; the time-proven and never-failing “Golden Rule”.  I reference this to say that just because I believe there is a serious problem with “Political Correctness”, does not mean that I feel we should go around abusing others.  It does not matter if they do not think, act, or believe as we do; as God did not put any exceptions to this rule in the Bible.  However, knowing many people have been grossly mistreated in the past, due to color, religion, sexual orientation, etc…; I think society has now gone too far in the opposite direction; in fear that they may upset someone unjustly; or even worse, lose their jobs and/or reputation, due to a slip of the tongue.

Controversial High School State Wrestling Champion

Today, I read a story, and while it may not be the first time I have heard of such musings, it did frustrate me, just the same.  It is the story of a young girl named Mack Beggs, age 17, in Texas.  She, and yes, I did say she, has decided to begin taking Testosterone, in hopes of becoming more like a young man; as she has identified herself as “Transgender”.  In simplest terms, this means that she feels she is a boy, trapped in a girl’s body.  Well, this young girl competes in High School Wrestling, and just won the State Championship in Texas, for her Weight Class, competing against other girls.  Now usually, competing with steroids would get you disqualified, as they are “performance enhancing drugs”; and having been a “weightlifter” most of my life, and having been around people in the gym that use these drugs, I assure you they not only work, but definitely give a competitor an unfair advantage over other “clean contestants”.  However, in Mack Beggs case, these drugs are not considered “performance enhancing drugs”, but merely doctor prescribed medicine to help her achieve her dream of transitioning to a boy. Say, “what”?

Time to apply some “Common Sense”

Now, let’s apply some “Common Sense” for a minute; yes, that beautiful thing God gave us all, but seems to be lost these days; even bordering on extinction.  One, does it seem fair that this young girl is allowed to have a drug in her system that we all know gives her a competitive advantage, and walk away with the trophy?  Of course it isn’t right.  Now, let’s look at the opposite point of view.  Since she identifies herself as a young boy, should she be allowed to wrestle other young boys, that have a genetic advantage over her, and thus, she could be seriously hurt?  Of course it isn’t right.  What would have been right would have been to allow her to compete with other young girls, without the aid of drugs, or to take the drugs and drop out of wrestling.  That gives her the “personal freedom” she feels she is owed; and yes, it is her “right”. But in turn, that still enables the other girls to compete in a sport that they love, and have worked equally hard in, to compete for a State Championship, and an untainted one, to boot.

Potential Major Problems Ahead

People, we are treading on very dangerous ground with this issue.  First of all, I see this issue opening up a whole new “can of worms” that our Government is not equipped to handle, nor should they be required to do so.  For example; what is to stop anyone under the age of 62 from claiming some nonsensical notion of “Trans Age”, and wanting to receive Social Security Benefits early, due to the fact that they identify themselves as older, even though their real age is not yet 62?  Better yet, what if someone identifies themselves as African-American, though they are of a different race, and want benefits designated to benefit African-American people?  You see all the possible combinations that I am hinting at, that this issue could potentially land in our court rooms?

Who’s “Rights” Matter?

Now, herein lies my dilemma.  I agree that this young girl has a “right” to take Testosterone, and she may really see herself as a young boy, but the other young girls also had the “right” to compete in a fair Wrestling State Championship, and their “rights” were trampled upon.  You know why?  Because of “Political Correctness”.  Somebody, somewhere, probably threatened some sort of Civil Lawsuit, and out of fear, the Texas High School Sports Association, and/or the Texas Government caved under the pressure.   When we look at the “Common Sense” approach I listed above, it seems like a “no-brainer”; but yet, due to having to be “Politically Correct”, we now have a tainted Champion, and many unhappy young girls that had their “rights” and dreams shattered, to make room for one person’s so-called “rights”.  Therein lies my original statement, and “Title” of my article, and the only explanation that makes any sense to this nonsense; that “Political Correctness” has become Kryptonite to “Common Sense”, and I, for one, am tired of it, and will not do it anymore; regardless of the cost to me.

Stand and Fight!

It is time “Patriots” to take a stand, stand for what is right for the masses, and not for the individual; otherwise, what is the point of having any laws?  This mentality is why we don’t have discipline or prayer in schools, and we are constantly having to bend what is best for the masses to what is best for one individual.  I say, “no more”!  Maybe, if we start crowding courts with lawsuits due to injustices heaped on us by the minority, the courts will start realizing their errors, and start telling the minorities, “no”; a word we all were supposed to learn as children! Are you going to continue to stand on the sidelines and have minority agendas “shoved” down our throats, or are you ready to “fight back”?


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