William F. Buckley, Jr.: The Godfather of Conservatism

William F. Buckley, Jr. was born on November 24,1925 in New York City, New York to William F. Buckley, Sr. and Aloise Steiner. In 1950, he married Patricia Taylor and had one son. In 1951, Buckley got involved in the conservative movement when he wrote his 1951 book, God and Man at Yale. In 1954, a fervent supporter of anti-Communist U.S. Senator Joseph McCarthy, he co-wrote the book McCarthy and His Enemies along with his brother-in-law, L. Brent Bozell, Jr. that portrayed Joseph McCarthy as a patriotic crusader against Communism. In 1955, he founded National Review, a conservative magazine. A devout Catholic, he attended the Tridentine Mass his entire life, was strongly pro-life, strongly anti-Communist, and supported Francisco Franco and Augusto Pinochet. He was also the host of “Firing Line” on PBS from 1966 to 1999. He died on February 27,2008 in Stamford, Connecticut. He is interred at Saint Bernard Cemetery in Sharon, Connecticut.


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