Why You Should Attend Your Nearest YAL Spring Summit

The fastest growing pro-liberty organization on college campuses throughout the United States, Young Americans for Liberty (YAL), formed as an extension of Students for Ron Paul after his withdrawal from the 2008 presidential campaign. YAL has hosted national conventions in Washington, DC, on an annual basis for years now, but now the organization is taking the experience to the regional level with the Spring Summits.

The growth of this organization has been so rapid that there were just over 800 chapters as of the end of 2016, and just a few months into 2017, there is already 900 chapters. If you’re a student or just an individual supporter of the liberty movement, this is something that is worth your time to look into. Regarding the Summits, YAL executive president, Cliff Maloney, stated the following:

“The Summits train our young leaders on how to #MakeLibertyWin in 2017, and provides them with a massive pro-liberty network of fellow leaders, organizations, and much more.”

If you live in or near one of these cities where the YAL Spring Summits are taking place, here are a couple of reasons you should consider attending:

Keynote Speakers & Debates

The keynote speakers for these events are considered VIPs in the liberty movement who also happen to be doctors, engineers, and businessmen. The list consists of Senator Rand Paul, Representative Thomas Massie, and Dr. Ron Paul at separate locations. There also will be multiple scholars in attendance from organizations such as The CATO Institute, which is a partner of YAL’s. A total of six events will be held when all is said and done.

The Chicago Summit was held on February 11th, 2017, and more than 350 people turned out to see Thomas Massie speak. He is also set to be at the Denver summit on April 8th. Massie holds a masters degree in mechanical engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and successfully started a tech company in the 90’s. The Republican congressman from Kentucky has been making headlines lately for his one sentence long bill to abolish the Federal Department of Education, which simply states the following:

“The Department of Education shall terminate on December 31, 2018.”

The cities of Los Angeles (March 4th), Boston (March 25th), and Pittsburgh (April 1st) are to feature the legend Ron Paul himself. Upon graduating from Duke University’s medical school in the early 60’s, Dr. Paul became a military doctor. He got his start in politics in the 1970’s by getting elected to Congress by the state of Texas. Paul ran for president three different times. Once for the Libertarian party in 1988, and for the GOP in 2008 and 2012. He airs his show, Ron Paul Liberty Report, every Monday-Friday basis at 12:00 pm ET on a weekly basis.

The Atlanta Summit on April 22nd is going to feature Senator Rand Paul as their keynote speaker. Like his father, Rand also graduated from Duke Medical School. He founded the Southern Kentucky Lions Eye Clinic in 1995, which is an organization that provides eye exams to needy families and individuals. He entered politics in 2010 when being elected as a Senator in Kentucky. He ran for president in 2016 during the GOP primaries and has since been re-elected to the senate. He has recently been featured in the news a lot to discuss his Obamacare replacement plan. The Atlanta Spring Summit will also feature a debate between scholars from the Cato Institute on the topic of privacy vs. security.


As mentioned in the introduction, the point of these Spring Summits is to bring the experience of attending the National Convention to your area, so that we can spread the message of liberty beyond the capital city. You will be introduced to new ideas, establish connections with local leaders, and discover opportunities you never knew about. The aim is to provide the best possible training so that you may become a stronger voice and better organizer for the liberty movement.

Besides your YAL chapter and fellow students, do feel free to bring your friends and family to these events.  They are each open to the public. The Summits are free of charge if you’re already a dues-paying member (sign up here for $10). If not a registered member, the charge is $25. Carpools of at least four people can get a $100 reimbursement for gas. If your chapter brings more than ten people, you will be awarded a $250 stipend.

A light breakfast, complete lunch and dinner, as well as coffee, are to be served throughout the day. There will also be post-social events for the attendees to relax, grab a drink or two, and enjoy live music (depending on location). There will be more information regarding these details sent out in emails closer to the dates.

These kind of opportunities are few and far between, and space is limited at each of the venues. Do not miss out on your chance to see the likes of Ron Paul, Rand Paul, and/or Thomas Massie and experience the liberty movement as it begins to take hold. Don’t forget to register and tell them who sent you.


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