Trump wanted to make a deal with Planned Parenthood

It is a pretty simple deal. Planned Parenthood can keep its funding as long as they stop performing abortions.

Shouldn’t be that hard of a choice seeing that only 3% of what their organization provides is abortion. Right?

The New York Times has reported that although the proposal “was not made formally,” Planned Parenthood has appeared to reject the deal.

In a statement to the Times, Trump stated that he will do what is necessary to invest in women’s health while at the same time ending abortion.

As I said throughout the campaign, I am pro-life and I am deeply committed to investing in women’s health and plan to significantly increase federal funding in support of non-abortion services such as cancer screenings.

Polling shows the majority of Americans oppose public funding for abortion, even those who identify as pro-choice. There is an opportunity for organizations to continue the important work they do in support of women’s health, while not providing abortion services.

Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards went to twitter to discuss that the organization was “proud to provide abortions,” and that they would not back down from any “threats.”

Planned Parenthood receives an average of $500 million in federal funds a year which they say does not go towards abortions although they are the largest provider of abortion in the country.

Richards released a statement in response to the proposal by the White House.

The White House proposal that Planned Parenthood stop providing abortion is the same demand opponents of women’s health have been pushing for decades, as a part of their longstanding effort to end women’s access to safe, legal abortion. Planned Parenthood has always stood strong against these attacks on our patients and their ability to access the full range of reproductive health care. We are glad that the White House understands that taking away the preventive care Planned Parenthood provides is deeply unpopular and would be a disaster for women’s health care.

The House of Representatives have already passed a bill which would overturn a rule that was put in place by Obama that forced states to fund Planned Parenthood and any other health care providers that perform abortions. Donald Trump has said if the bill reaches his desk he would sign it.

Donald Trump is trying to help Planned Parenthood while at the same time defending the life of innocent children. This is attempt number one by Trump and the White House to strike a deal with Planned Parenthood. The organization has rejected it.

Planned Parenthood might not get to many more chances to keep their funding with a Republican led Congress. The House Republicans just released the American Health Care Act, which will be the replacement to Obamacare, that includes “a provision to redirect taxpayer funding away from Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry,” reported Live Action News. 

I agree with Trump. Allow Planned Parenthood to keep their funding as long as they stop performing abortions. Do you?

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