Here’s What You Need to Know About the Russian Scandal and Jeff Sessions

A memo was leaked on March 1st from an anonymous source from the White House to The Washington Post  stating that Jeff Sessions met with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak  twice the previous year, during July and September, as a U.S. Senator to Alabama, despite not revealing this when he testified before the Judiciary Committee on January 10th. The next day, Sessions announced  he would recuse himself from any investigation into Russia’s supposed involvement in the 2016 Election.

However, he stated  that he did not meet as a surrogate as a member of the Trump Campaign and rumors of so were fabricated. It turns out that the meeting in July was arranged  by the Obama Regime and the State Department for approximately one hundred ambassadors and staffers that attended. The event was for the ambassadors to learn and observe the Republican National Convention. The Heritage Foundation and Global Partners in Diplomacy also hosted the occasion as well. The other meeting that occurred in September was in then-Senator Sessions’ office.

In the September meeting, the Russian ambassador and Sessions discussed primarily the relations between their two countries and nothing regarding the 2016 election. According to CNN, the president was furious about his staff for allowing the controversy to surround the attorney general and he is also standing by Sessions’ stating he had total confidence within him. Trump also said he the attorney general didn’t have to recuse himself  of any investigation into Russia and the elections.

After the controversy was revealed, many liberals and Democrats called for the resignation of Jeff Sessions. Democratic Representative Keith Ellison called for Sessions to be jailed for being dishonest while testifying before the Armed Services Committee, but Sessions did not  lie. Senator Charles Schumer  and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi called for the attorney general to resign over “connections” to Russia. However, a photo on the internet with Russian President Vladimir Putin was leaked and Trump called him a hypocrite . Despite denying  it, Nancy Pelosi actually met with Kislyak in 2010 and was also called a hypocrite as well.


(Image Above: Schumer on the right with Putin in the middle. Image Credit: The Gateway Pundit)

It is also hypocritical of Democrats for lashing out at Sessions because then-Attorney General Eric Holder actually lied to Congress while testifying before the House Oversight Committee for his involvement with the Fast and Furious Scandal in 2011. Overall, this controversy is just another partisan witch hunt created by Democrats as a falsified attempt to damage both Trump’s and Sessions’ credibility.


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