A Day Without Women: Modern Feminism in America

In honor of the International Women’s Day, women across the country have opted to once against protest and rally in “solidarity” for equal rights and against the current President of the United States, Donald Trump. In protest, women have encouraged one another to not go into work or contribute to daily activities of the home or family. This should certainly show the men how different the world would be without us women, right?

Well, here is the problem with this movement. In America, I no longer see suffragettes working for the right to vote or even women seeking the right to an education or entry to the workforce. Nor do I see men holding women back as we’ve been asked to assume or believe. In fact, that very same President who’s the “enemy of women” just last week signed several bills encouraging women to aspire to and have support in STEM and Aerospace careers. We have more women in some of the highest roles of government and private commerce than ever before in America. Women also account for the largest demographic in colleges and higher education.

Some of my greatest mentors and supporters are in fact men. I don’t believe that, as a woman, I make a stand for my value and voice by refusing to take care of my responsibilities and support myself. If I choose a career, I am not held back nor would I see a need to blame anyone should I choose to leave the work force to start a family.

One of the greatest enemies we face as women may in fact be other women in America. Women have had less time in the workforce and are certainly paving new paths everyday but, as women, we owe it to each other and our daughters, nieces, sisters and friends to build one another up, treat ourselves (and each other) with dignity and respect and hold ourselves to the higher standard. In America, women have freedom and power that women in many other countries could only dream of.

Modern American feminism is now just another form of identity politics. Instead of costumes and refusals to contribute, let’s try to channel those energies for a collective good. I’m a proud American but I’m not a feminist, I’m just willing to work hard and achieve my piece of the American dream!

“Here’s to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.” -Anonymous


Written by Jillian Likness.  She is a woman with a voice who proudly stands for Liberty and Freedom for ALL.



    • Unfortunately in America, today became a day where women marched and opted to not work or contribute to their roles to show what it would be like for a day without women and that is concerning because it takes the entire purpose and premise out of context. With that said, I do not believe my government should pay for abortions or provide aid for that purpose – as tax payers ultimately support those initiatives, it’s the right of American tax payers to determine what their money is going to be used for.


  1. The “global gag rule” is nothing more than a policy that the US shall not spend money advocating for or supporting abortion in other nations. And why should the taxpayers of the US be forced to do so when more than 50% of us are opposed to at-will abortion?

    What other countries do with respect to their own laws about abortion is both none of our business and not something we are under any obligation to support financially.


    • Scott – this is a fantastic point and truly encompasses the purpose and premise of “free markets” and “liberty”. We are not the world’s police nor do our citizens need constant moderation in life.


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