Is the Trump Administration being Wiretapped?

On February 13, 2017, National Security Adviser Michael Flynn resigned all due to him misleading  Vice President Mike Pence regarding his contacts with Russian officials.  However, he was wired tapped by anonymous sources; which is a very serious felony. President Donald J. Trump had tweeted on March 4 that then-President Barack Obama wiretapped him during the 2016 Presidential Election.

Many media outlets, including the liberal  CNN, believe the President’s claim is bogus. However, former U.S. intelligence official and whistle blower Bill Binney stood with  President Trump and his claim that Obama was tapping his phones. Binney also said that  it is apparently being done outside the jurisdiction of the FISA court  because they are not concerned with Executive Order 12333. He even stated that the court is irrelevant and their laws are only for display. He also believes the intelligence community, such as the NSA, is behind it. Binney also stated that the government is basically just trying to look as if it is abiding by our laws.

William Binney even said the NSA is most likely to be behind the leaks of the conversations with the leaders of  Australia and Mexico. It is even most likely that they are behind the downfall of former National Security Adviser Michael G. Flynn. Trump’s claims are likely to be  true because wire-tapping was crucial in causing the resignation of  former General Flynn. Also, FISA did issue a warrant to investigate a couple of Russian banks that had connections to the Trump Organization.

It was also evident that then-National Intelligence Director James Clapper unwittingly lied before Congress under oath in 2013 when asked if the NSA did indeed happen to collect  records and information of millions of Americans. However, former Central Intelligence Agency employee Edward Snowden proved Clapper to be a liar when he leaked documents stating that the U.S. government was actually collecting phone records.

After Trump claimed Obama wire-tapped him, Obama released a statement stating that he never allowed the practice of surveillance on the American people and the claims were absurd, but Andrew McCarthy of The National Review pointed out  that the 44th president did actually issue drone strikes overseas against fellow Americans. Barack Obama even expanded  the NSA’s powers just before he departed from office to leave a trail of evidence of possible connections between the Trump Campaign and Russia for intelligence agencies to investigate.

Yes, it is quite possible that President Donald J. Trump is being wire-tapped by intelligence agencies attempting to damage his image as much as possible with their shadow government. It’s even evident with all of the facts stated including the lies, previous incidents, leaks, and connections with the Obama Administration and the NSA. What do you think?



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