József Cardinal Mindszenty: Hungarian Patriot

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József Cardinal Mindszenty was born on March 29,1892 in Csehimindszent, Austria-Hungary to to József Pehm and Borbála Kovács. His family was devoutly Catholic. On June 12,1915, he was ordained a priest on the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. He was a staunch anti-Communist his entire life. He was arrested on February 9,1919 for speaking out against its ‘socialist policies’ and then rearrested by the Communist Béla Kun government on July 31. He was also an opponent of the Arrow Cross Party, a Hungarian fascist party based off of Nazism. On March 25,1944, he was appointed Bishop of Veszprém by Pope Pius XII. He continued to speak out against the Arrow Cross Party. On November 27,1944, he was arrested by the Arrow Cross Party for their plan to quarter soldiers in parts of his official palace. He would remain under house arrest until 1945. On September 15,1945, he was appointed Archbishop of Esztergom and Primate of Hungary. On February 21,1946, he was created a Cardinal. When the Communists took over Hungary, he spoke against them. On December 26,1948, he was arrested on false charges of treason, conspiracy, and other charges. On February 3,1949, Mindszenty was put through a show trial. On February 8,1949, he was convicted of all charges and was sentenced to life in prison. On February 12,1949, Pope Pius XII excommunicated all Catholics that participated in the show trial against József Cardinal Mindszenty. On October 30,1956, during the Hungarian Revolution, he was released from prison. He returned to Budapest the next day. On November 2, he praised the anti-Communist insurgents and on November 3, he praised the anti-Communist developments in a radio address. On November 4,1956, the Soviet Union invaded Hungary and re-established a Communist regime. Mindszenty fled to the American Embassy in Budapest. In 1971, he moved to Vienna, Austria. He died on May 6,1975. He is a candidate for Sainthood in the Catholic Church.

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