The Media Has It All Wrong

Donald Trump has his foot on the gas pedal and it does not seem like he is slowing down his train any time soon. A new tweet by Donald Trump has the media heads spinning again and scrambling around as they do not know how to handle themselves when someone fights back. He has once again gone after the media in a tweet, this time targeting CNN.

This tweet of course has infuriated CNN and many members of the liberal media as they say that Trump is inciting violence against the media and it will end up in some members of the media getting injured, or worse killed.

When Jim Acosta from CNN asked, Isn’t pro wrestling fake? Trump Jr. responded.

The media especially CNN has no idea how to handle situations like this. No matter what is said by President Trump their is never any encouraging and optimistic coverage from the left-wing media of Trump or his Presidency.

But a dangerous call to violence? Inciting violence? If CNN is talking about themselves and other members of the Democratic Party, then yes, they would be right.

Remember, CNN had an entire segment on how a member from the Obama Administration would come to power if Trump, Pence and his cabinet members were to die simultaneously at the inauguration.

Chris Matthews called for the what seemed to be the execution of Jared Kushner, this after he compared “President Trump and his family to Saddam Hussein and his sons, the Ethiopian dictator Mengistu Haile Mariam, Italian fascist Benito Mussolini, and the deposed Russian royal family, the Romanovs.”

During the 2016 campaign at one of his rallies in Ohio, a protester tried the rush the stage towards Trump. CNN of course covered this story but from a different point of view of course. They spoke with the college student who rushed the stage and made him out to look as the ‘victim’ and Trump of course was the bully.

Like I said, not matter what happens, no matter what Trump does, good or bad, the Progressive Media will spin it and always make Trump look like the bad guy.

Let us also not forget about the Hollywood stars and Theater plays that have called and acted out the assassination of President Donald Trump. Even Lorreta Lynch’s call for chaos.

Kathy Griffin holding up a fake severed Trump head.

Image result for kathy griffin trumpJohnny Depp joking about assassinating Trump.

Or Madonna wanting to blow up the white house.

Even plays depicting the Julius Ceaser like assassination of President Trump.

The rhetoric from these stars and the media has even gotten Republican members of Congress shot. The shooter ended up being a Bernie Sanders supporter who was fond of posting anti-GOP remarks on his Facebook. Thankfully, Steve Scalise and the other individuals who were injured will make full recoveries, but before the media and the left continue their little tantrum of Trump inciting violence, they must take a hard look at themselves first. We all know they wont but it’s worth a shot.

Fake News

To make matter worse for CNN, they recently had to retract a story linking Trump associates to Russia. Three employees were fired, or quit, which ever way you want to look at it. That story and probably others like it were fake news.

Associated Press had to do the same recently. They made false claims that “all 17 US intelligence agencies agreed that Russia was behind the hack of Democratic emails and tried to swing the election in favor of Republican Donald Trump,” according to RT.

Political Activist James O’Keefe has also exposed the Russia-Trump conspiracy bias at CNN with his latest Project Veritas videos, that have exposed CNN’s Van Jones and several producers.

Part 1

Part 2.

Part 3.

President Trump is not at War with the Truth as the Mainstream Media likes to say. The Media is at war with America and everything we stand for. They continue to twist and bend the truth in order to attack President Trump and GOP all to get ratings and to somehow undermine the President of Donald Trump.

Tucker Carlson explains the hypocrisy perfectly. Enjoy.


There is no excuse for Trump tweeting in the way that he does. I agree that sometimes the things he posts are inappropriate and he should be the bigger person and let it go. But to accuse of him of inciting violence when the Mainstream Media and left wing politicians are constantly berating the GOP and the President, inciting violence against him, his family and american citizens, i find it highly hypocritical that now all of a sudden the media and the left wants to talk about civility.

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