Can We Stop Blaming the Media for Fighting Fascism?

In a time when our country is being run by a Neanderthal of the citrus variety, facts and “honest reporting” are of the utmost importance. This is why we must rely on media outlets such as the New York Times, MSNBC, CNN, Huffington Post, TIME Magazine, and BBC to give us the “real news” that helps us get through the dark ages by fighting against the likes of Cheeto Mussolini and his gang of Oompa Loompas in the White House. This is the unfortunate reality America, and if they lean left too bad, you are just going to have to accept that. It’s high time we stop with the unnecessary and fascist media criticism.

Some say, “The media is a bunch of liars who distort the facts to better suit profitable political narratives.” Well to that we must say, “Enough, you uneducated internet trolls!” If it weren’t for the media’s honest reporting, how else would we have known Donald Trump had a 1.7% chance of winning the 2016 Election, according to Natalie Jackson and Adam Hooper of the Huffington Post? How would we know that the bust of Martin Luther King Jr. was removed from the Oval Office, according to White House Correspondent for TIME Magazine Zeke Miller? How else would we have known about Trump getting blackmailed by Putin to conceal the fact that he was urinated on by Russian prostitutes if it were not publicized by Evan Perez, Jake Tapper, Jim Sciutto, and Carl Bernstein at CNN? Now, the unintelligent and logically challenged Trump supporter would lead you to believe that both stories were completely fake, though that may be true, we need to be smarter than that. The facts are the facts; Trump is literally Hitler, and he needs to be stopped. If these stories are a means to ending his racist, sexist, and homosexual/transsexual/bisexual/genderqueer/genderfluid/non-binary/asexual/queer-phobic rhetoric, then so be it. We must display openly in every poetry slam, college classroom, Coffee Café, and independent blog our utmost allegiance to the media instead of needlessly criticizing them in their quest to stop fascism’s rise in the USA.

The future of honest, factual, and intelligently written American Journalism is at stake. We live in desperate times. A time where Nazi trolls on social media are winning with their disgusting rhetoric. Doing things like mocking the BBC’s new Pidgin Section in the most culturally insensitive and racist way. When the media reads the headline, “Indian woman divorce husband because dem no get toilet” on BBC News; they do not see something to laugh at. They do not see a lack of reading/comprehension regarding the English language, or a complete lack of journalistic prowess. What they see is an underrepresented and marginalized people group finally gaining a voice in the mainstream. If the average white American male cannot see this, it’s clear that the problem is not journalism, but instead the lack of cultural relativism in their thought processes, of which, cannot be blamed on the media. The real culprit is an ethnocentric, patriarchal, and nationalistic culture that has preyed on the rest of the world for hundreds of years. Which is precisely the scoop the media is trying to get out.

In The days of Trump’s America, we are plagued with a choice. America can either support the facts presented to you by the honest, intelligent, and unbiased media, or we can support white supremacy, sexism, and Nazism spouting from the anus-shaped lips of our commander-in-chief and the basement dwelling internet trolls poisoning our minds with completely unfunny, and counter factual YouTube videos and memes. This is Trump’s America, fascism has taken root in mainstream America and our media is the last line of defense. It is high time America does the right thing and stops criticizing the media for the greater good of the country.


Joseph T Enders II

Joe Enders is a true story of American success. Now only a college student, he has overcome homelessness, abuse, and poverty. He was an activist for Turning Point U.S.A. and a campus coordinator for his school. He graduated with an associates degree in arts with honors from the college of DuPage and is currently working towards his bachelors in Politics, Economics, and Philosophy at The King’s College. A school at which a majority of his tuition was paid for in scholarships and grants, and will soon be graduated in May of 2018. Well versed in Trump Era politics, he successfully predicted the election of Donald Trump and even predicted him losing the popular vote. Joe believes his brand of right wing politics is the future for America and the conservative movement. Joe has been rapidly gaining popularity in the young Conservative movement. A frequent invitee of Conservative activist conferences, he has met and engaged with some of the most important figures in politics. He is even mentioned in the book by Turning Point USA founder, Charlie Kirk.

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